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About Us

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Creative Natives are a full service recruitment agency based in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast, placing roles in the creative, digital and marketing space. We fill freelance and permanent roles for agencies and in-house businesses.


Building futures. 

We genuinely give a shit and care about both our clients and candidates. We don’t just help people find jobs or businesses find new hires – we help them build their futures.

Every individual and company has specific needs for their next job and hire. When you work with Creative Natives, your needs won’t be ignored. You won’t be guided to work for a company that may not be entirely right for you or to hire a candidate you’re not 100% sure about. We do our best to tick every box to make sure the fit is absolutely perfect for both our candidates and clients.

We place people in workplaces where they’re happy and can grow and achieve amazing things. We help workplaces build their culture by finding them the right people so they can thrive – a strong culture attracts new employees and helps keep current employees around for longer.

When people work with us, they say, “Creative Natives just get it”.


Creating change.

We are passionate about the creative industry and strive to create change to ensure that everyone in it is able to build their future exactly how they see it. That’s why we’re working hard on the good stuff – getting return to work parents back in the industry, running a mentor program and donating proceeds from placing freelancers to charities whose causes speak to us. We want to be the people who change the industry to benefit us all.


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