The Good Stuff

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Here at Creative Natives, we’re not just about recruitment. We passionately support our community and are lucky to be in a unique position to help people both inside and outside of the creative industry. We have a number of initiatives so we can give back to those who need it most.

Returning parents to work

We know how difficult it can be for parents to get back into the workforce after taking time off to raise their kids. The gap on the resume can be daunting to companies, but we’re turning it into a positive by incentivising companies for hiring return to work parents.


A parent’s work experience and knowledge doesn’t just go away as soon as they have a kid, and many still keep up with trends and changes in their area of expertise. Plus parents have great time management skills, can manage through chaos and multitask like a pro. There are so many great reasons to hire a return to work parent.


When we place a return to work parent, we charge that organisation only 50% of the placement fee to thank them for taking a chance on someone who is skilled, talented and a return to work parent.


So whether you’re a parent getting back into the industry or looking to hire a return to work parent, get in touch today. Reach out to our team or shoot us an email at

We’re carbon neutral

We’re doing our little bit to help the environment and reduce our impact on the planet. Through Trace, we’ve been able to measure and off-set 100% of our carbon emissions. By doing this, we have reduced our carbon footprint, have had 362 trees planted on our behalf to date and invested in Trace’s climate projects around the globe.

We renew our carbon neutral status every year to ensure we’re doing our part.

Read more about our impact.