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Five reasons to speak to a recruiter (besides wanting a new job)


Let’s start with a question.

Beyond wanting a new job, what other reason would you have to chat with a recruiter?

Contrary to popular belief, chatting or working with a recruiter doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking for a new job and workplace. However, if you’re umming and ahhhing and can’t think of any reasons outside of actively searching for a new job to chat to a recruiter, you wouldn’t be alone!

There are actually a number of reasons to speak to a recruiter outside of the job hunt, but these are our top five 🖐.


A salary review

Recruiters speak to tons of people, both hiring managers and candidates regularly. Off the back of these conversations, they get all sorts of intel about how much people are being paid. If you’re thinking about asking for and negotiating a pay rise, recruiters can tell how much you should be paid in your role compared to your years of experience, so don’t forget to check in and ask.


Get industry insights

Curious about what’s happening in your industry? Want to know whether the latest trend is just a fad or actually worth learning about? As we mentioned before, recruiters talk to a lot of people across all different levels of seniority, so they pick up all sorts of interesting information that can be valuable for you. Industry groups and publications are helpful, but recruiters are a worthwhile resource too!


Learn about policies and benefits

An important part of any workplace is the policies and benefits they give their employees. Are you getting a standard level of benefits in comparison to the rest of the industry or is your workplace under par? The same goes for the policies your company provides, particularly policies that impact you and your career (think along the lines of paid parental leave policies if you are planning on having kids).


Assistance with career development

If you’re thinking of making a big change in your career – maybe you want to move in-house after years at an agency or want to try agency life for the first time as a senior professional – then a recruiter is the perfect person to chat with! They’ve seen so many people make similar changes, so they can tell you what you need to consider, whether they think the change is right for your career trajectory and how to go about it.


Gather intel on the job market

So perhaps changing jobs is on your mind, but you’re not 100% sure yet. Recruiters have all sorts of inside info that can help you decide whether it’s the right move for you. They can tell you what the job market is like at the moment, the average tenure in certain roles, who’s hiring, where they’re seeing any movement and so much more. They’re literally gurus when it comes to this, so make sure to utilise them!


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