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Five reasons why volunteering is good for team morale

It can be hard to feel excited and invigorated by much at this time of year. It’s cold (especially in the southern states), it gets dark way too early and all you want is to be tucked under a warm blanket, drinking a cup of tea or a hot choc and dreaming of somewhere warmer and exotic.



If you’ve found that your team’s motivation and morale has been wavering recently and you’re not sure what to do to get them on track, we’ve got a bit of the out of the box suggestion for you – volunteering as a group. It may not make sense to get your team to stop working for a half or whole day when they need to up the pace, but trust us, the benefits are real.

We know you were waiting for it, so here you go – five great reasons why volunteering as a work team helps boost morale.


Gives your team a sense of purpose

Some organisations have the purpose thing down pat, especially if it’s part of the product or service they offer. For other organisations, it can be harder for workers to get a sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilment – cue volunteering. As your team works towards a common goal that either benefits others or the environment, they’ll get a sense of satisfaction, pride and meaning that comes along with it.


Gives them something non-work related to achieve

It feels good to complete something and it feels even better to complete something that you know will positively impact others. Maybe your team made 500 sandwiches for kids that don’t have a school lunch or have planted 50 trees or cleaned up a beach (maybe not the best idea in the middle of winter, but you get the gist!). Reaching these goals gives the team pride and a sense of accomplishment (and can even bring out your team’s inner competitors!).


They’ll feel good doing it

Knowing what you do positively impacts others gives you the warm fuzzies, there’s no two ways about it. Volunteering can also bring about feelings of empathy for others and gratitude for what you have, ensuring a more harmonious and positive work environment once your team is back to work.


It’ll help bring your team together

Put your team outside the formal workplace, get them to do something they don’t normally do and watch what happens. Teammates who normally don’t work together have the opportunity to chat, get to know each other and work side by side, plus bonding over a shared experience to help others can bring those who are already close, even closer together. The trust, communication and collaboration between your team will soar.


They’ll gain new perspectives

Volunteering broadens horizons. More often than not, you end up meeting new people or at least are exposed to new ideas and experiences. These new things all provide inspiration and insight that can be applied to your team’s work – perhaps volunteering has helped them figure out a more efficient way of working or has given them a brilliant idea for a new campaign. The opportunities are endless!


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