Announcements /New starter alert! Meet Joe Nolan

New starter alert! Meet Joe Nolan

We’re adding another Brit to the Creative Natives team! Hailing from north-west England, Joe Nolan is a keen runner – he’s signed up for four marathons in 2024 – and loves watching England play soccer (sorry Joe, football!). We’re so excited he’s joined our team in Melbourne, we thinking he’s going to do great things.

We sat down and had a chat with Joe so you can get to know him a little better.


What do you do at Creative Natives?

I work mainly with Sales and Customer Success talent but I like to keep my toe in the water with Marketing, too. Mainly because they all work so closely together…or should!


What do you love about recruitment?

I could chat for England (or Australia), so definitely the fact that I get to speak to so many different people from all walks of life. More importantly, having a big impact on people’s careers. For example, I got a message out of the blue last year from someone I had placed the year before in a role in the US explaining how much the role had changed their life!


Why did you want to join Creative Natives?

The Creative Natives brand is special and how we go about things is first class. The success, the individuals and the plans for the future – for the company and for me – made it a no-brainer as a long-term move for me.


How creative are you?

Coming up with new foods to apply Biscoff spread to is about as creative as I get. I’m lucky to be surrounded by creative thinkers here at Creative Natives, so I know that they will influence me. A big reason for me joining was to learn how to do things a bit differently.


If you weren’t a recruiter, what would you be doing instead?

I’d want to do a job that helps people. Either something to do with fitness, as I actually used to be a Personal Trainer before Covid had its way, or a fireman or social worker.


If you could be a guest on any podcast, what would it be and why?

Modern Wisdom with Chris Williamson. I wouldn’t have much to give but he speaks to so many different characters, I’d be interested to hear some of his stories.


What are you reading / watching / listening to right now?

Reading – Do Hard Things by Steve Magness.

Watching – I only really watch YouTube nowadays, I’m currently following ‘The Hardest Geezer’ vlog. He’s a guy attempting to be the first person ever to run the entire length of Africa.

Listening – I love a good podcast. Joe Rogan, Modern Wisdom, Huberman Lab and Alex Hormozi are my favourites.


Cats or dogs?

Dogs, especially Golden Retrievers. I’m allergic to cats…


Best trip you’ve been on?

I travelled Central and South America and parts of South East Asia for most of 2023, so there are lots of highlights. Favourites that stand out are Brazil, specifically Rio – my favourite city I’ve ever been to. Other than that I would say seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.


What’s your hidden talent?

Quoting pretty much any Will Ferrell movie.


Keen to chat with Joe about a new sales or customer success role or which Will Ferrell movie is the best? Get in touch with him today at