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Skills for creatives to upskill in 2023

If you’ve looked at your resume recently and thought “oooh, my additional skills section is a bit out of date,” you’re 100% not alone, we’ve all been there! You’re probably going to have to do some upskilling if you’re looking to nail that new job or score a promotion. Plus, learning new things is fun and gives you the confidence to take on that big project and absolutely blow it out of the water.


Not sure what skills you should be investing your time and money into? Overwhelmed by the breadth of choice available? Don’t worry, our team has put together this handy list to help you out. These are the top areas you should be upskilling in 2023.

Account services

  • Social media – if you’re a suit in an agency and don’t have your head around social, get on it. Start with paid ads and TikTok
  • Basic design – you don’t have to be a graphic design whiz, but try out the super simple Canva or if you feel more ambitious, learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop/InDesign
  • Project management and communication platforms – as the world becomes more digitised, you need not only how to use these platforms, but how to make them work for you. Think along the lines of Slack, Trello, JIRA or

Social media, content and marketing

  • TikTok – every company is jumping on the TikTok bandwagon and wants to hit the ground running, so if you’re confident with it, you’ll be a front runner
  • Video editing – video keeps getting more and more important each year. Businesses are looking for marketing and content people who have at least basic video editing skills, particularly the basics of Premier Pro


  • Digital – that’s SEO, SEM, and making sure you have a good understanding of the digital landscape and how it supports other parts of PR
  • Social – PR these days is no longer solely traditional pitching. You need to have an integrated approach to PR and that includes social media (including paid ads)

Product, project management and strategy

All of these areas are looking for people with top notch customer experience skills. You need to know how to manage, tailor and improve the customer experience across digital platforms.

If you’re in project management…start learning about product and product management. More businesses these days are looking for someone who is across both areas.

If you’re in brand strategy…look into digital training. Digital isn’t going away and if you understand how it impacts brand strategy, all the better.

If you’re in digital strategy…swap it around – find training that gives you a strong brand strategy foundation.


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