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Why is this recruiter calling me after I’ve started the job?

So you met a recruiter and they helped you find a new job (hopefully it was a Creative Natives recruiter!). You’re a few weeks into your new job and all of a sudden, you get a call from the same recruiter and you may be like, “ermmm, why are they calling me? I don’t need a job!”.

What you may not know is that when placing you in a new role, a recruiter’s job doesn’t end there. Good recruiters will keep in touch with you while you’re settling in (and even beyond this phase) for many reasons – here are five good ones.


To get feedback about your experience at your new job

By the time the recruiter calls you, you’ve probably gone through the onboarding process and are now starting to feel a bit more settled. You’re not as overwhelmed as you were in the beginning and have the brain space to reflect on how the onboarding went, as well as how you’re feeling about your workplace and your job. This feedback not only helps the recruiter learn more about the workplace experience (and sell it to future candidates), but if there’s something glaringly obvious in the onboarding process that could be improved, they can pass this feedback on to your employer (if you’re not comfortable doing so).


To identify issues you have at work

Sadly, not every job starts off swimmingly. You may be facing some difficulties that you’re not completely comfortable sharing with your new manager, but when you share them with the recruiter who placed you, they can help you figure out the situation and what you should do. They can also tactfully and gently speak to your employer and work collaboratively with the two of you to find a solution.


To build a relationship with you

Having a top notch recruiter in your corner is a wonderful thing. You want someone who understands deeply what you do, knows what you want to do and where you want to take your career – and the only way they can do this effectively is to talk with you regularly and see where you’re at. Having a strong relationship with a recruiter also means that when they’re filling a role that fits you perfectly, you’re at the top of their to-ask list, and that’s a win in our books!


To help you grow your career

Recruiters can also help you develop and determine your career path. When they fully understand what you’re after in a job and what your long-term career goals are (see our previous point!), they can send through webinars, guides, articles or anything else they come across that’s going to help you take your career in the right direction.


To keep you across what’s happening in your space

Thinking about changing jobs, but not 100% sure if it’s the right move? Not sure how much you should be asking for in terms of salary? Don’t know if the latest tech is for real or just a fad? Since recruiters talk to people across so many different roles and industries, they gain a lot of market knowledge, which they can then share with you to help you make the right decision for your career.


Recruiters are committed to your success and happiness at work. They’re going to reach out every now and then to ensure you’re happy with your job and your career path, so make sure you pick up the phone when they call.


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