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Immigrating takes huge courage

We see candidates coming to us from all walks of life in the recruitment business. One of which is immigrants; we’re seeing so many talented people pick up and move countries to find better work, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Our Senior Consultant Callum Senior wrote a post on LinkedIn expressing his admiration for people’s courage to move countries to find work and have a better life.

“Surely moving to a new country (at times, moving the whole family) where you don’t speak the language as your first has to be one of the most challenging steps anyone can take.

Imagine having to learn the way of life, cultural differences, working your way through ‘everyday’ tasks like signing a lease, obtaining a phone plan and getting insurance?

Whilst a candidate may not have any local experience, having the guts to move to another country with no network or support undoubtedly speaks volumes about their character and perseverance.

Studying, learning and working with a language that isn’t your first is no easy feat.”

The moral of the story for this one is that you should look beyond the CV and see what other qualities potential candidates can bring to your business.

We reached out to Clarens Sanchez, a woman we helped place into her first paid role in Australia after she immigrated from Colombia, to continue this discussion.

One of our Consultants, Steph Graham, interviewed her and heard more about her journey of learning English and becoming job-ready. Clarens also provided some tips on how others can find work just like she did!

You can watch the full IGTV interview here.

If you wanted to have a chat about hiring candidates for your business that have more to them than just their CV, please give us a shout.

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