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Our advice on writing a great Cover Letter.

Australia is at a record high with the amount of job vacancies we have at the moment, but when you’re applying for these roles, just make sure you cover letter has been written to impress and that it doesn’t seem too generic. Here are a few of our tips we think you should live by when writing any cover letter.


Your cover letter should not just be a conversational version of your resume, it is an opportunity for you as a candidate to demonstrate that you understand what sets that business apart and give some real examples of why you are a good fit for the organization. 


If you are sending the same cover letter with every application, you might as well just skip out on it completely. Like I said, you need to show your understanding of the business, so you can’t use the same one for every job. Try to think about that company’s tone of voice, their culture and the company values they have on their website.


Before you begin to write it, you should take some time to write down some key dot points like the above-mentioned tone of voice, culture and values, as well as any important parts of the role that they mentioned in the description. Ensuring you know about this and incorporating it into your cover letter will mean that you have an even better chance of impressing them. You should also start to think about professional and personal experiences you have that you could use as examples!

If you’re still unsure or need some job application advice, then give one of us a shout.