We have started to see more and more amazing candidates filling roles and impressive businesses creating new ones left, right and centre. Also, the unemployment rate in Australia has dropped by 8% just from January 2021 to February 2021. This is a really good sign, and much needed after the year we’ve had!

We know what it’s like to get an influx of applications and go through a few rounds of interviews, and it’s really easy to send off a quick rejection email to everybody unsuccessful. There are however, a few reasons why this doesn’t look so good if your applicant has been through 3-4 rounds of interviews already.


People can spend hours constructing a unique and impressive resume, and if it’s really important to them, they can get it looked at by us or other professionals. Most likely, they’ve also spent some time researching your company and deciding if they want to work there or not. After getting invested in their application, they’ve made it through and scored an interview! But after going through another few rounds of interviews, it’s been decided that they aren’t the best fit.  

After receiving a generic, impersonal email saying something along the lines of “thank you, but not this time” and “feel free to follow us on our social media channels to find out when we’re hiring again!”, they feel let down and don’t know what they did wrong.


Just because they weren’t the best option right now, doesn’t mean they’re never going to be. If you pick up the phone and respectfully tell them that while they’ve impressed you and that you do see them going places, in this specific role they’ve interviewed for, you’ve found someone else. Much nicer than sending off the same email that people who didn’t even pass through the application filtering algorithm will be receiving. 

When their friends and other connections ask them about their experiences with your company, there won’t be many hard feelings and they may even have strengthened respect for you. Remember, they’ve spent all this time writing a unique resume and consuming as much content about your company that they could before they came for their interviews, the least you could do is pick up the phone!


Maybe the reason why you don’t call them is that you’ve experienced or have heard stories of some rude or argumentative people. Hey, it happens, just don’t let those people ruin it for everyone else! Maybe you have some feedback that could help them in their next interview? You’ve done this before; you know what to look out for in applicants. A little advice could be what helps them get their next role. 

Not everyone takes feedback the right way, and you should take note of the personalities that may not be so open to getting this feedback while you’re interviewing them so you can avoid any unwanted discussions. But as long as you’re being helpful and giving them tangible ways to improve, any arguments of such could be avoided. 

You’re not having a one-hour call, this is just a quick explanation that they haven’t gotten the job and some respectfully delivered ways for them to improve before their next application.


If they’ve interviewed with you before and were left with a good impression, later down the track once they have more experience and have worked on your advice, they can be an invaluable lead for any future roles you may have. Be careful not to put out the flame of a strong lead!

I have companies reach out to me who treated me poorly during interviews years ago. I still remember and would never consider working with them again 

– Natalie Lasance

We love speaking with managers and candidates from all across the industry and aim to spark very important conversations. If you want to have a more personal discussion about how these tips can apply to your business, or get any other advice, then feel free to reach out, we’d love to help!

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