Freelance /Account Managers Thinking of Going Freelance?

Account Managers Thinking of Going Freelance?

Years ago, the freelance market was always seen as something that suited the creatives in the agency however in the last 18 months I’ve seen a huge spike in the number of freelance account management assignments.

This is largely due to the reduction in retained work and an increase in project-based work, agencies have less clarity on the long term so bringing an experienced account handler for an initial contract has become a really appealing solution.

I have a handful of freelance account managers that over the years I’ve been able to place in consecutive assignments and if I had to say why they get so much repeat work these are the main reasons.

  • They have a really nice mix of project management and client-facing skills, they know exactly how to make the client happy and get sh*t done at the same time.
  • They aren’t precious, they appreciate that certain projects can be a bit messy, they come in roll their sleeves up and just get on with it.
  • They are flexible, certain agencies have different budgets and talent that I place appreciate that a 3-month contract at a slightly lower hourly rate is better than a weeks work at a premium rate.
  • They stay in touch with their recruiter, keeping them updated with their availability.
  • They treat each assignment with the same attitude as a permanent gig, they are constantly looking for ways to add value and make a genuine effort to get to know the business.

Something to consider:


Now whilst having the freedom of deciding when to work is great please be aware that business’s hiring you for a project are unlikely to be investing in your career. It’s very important that you take it upon yourself to keep sharpening the axe and make sure that you are continually learning new skills, even if it’s on your own time.

If you are like a lot of people are considering making the jump to the world of freelance then get in touch now,