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Heroes of Lockdown

As Melbourne braced for lockdown .2.5, Creative Natives were keen to hear from the Melbourne community to see who had been their hero of lockdown and helped them get through this period.

We had some ideas around criteria which was potentially they might have been:
  • A colleague that’s kept your spirits high with banter on slack.
  • Someone who has helped you in your job search.
  • A medical professional that’s on the front line.
  • Someone who is doing an incredible job in homeschooling.
  • Or simply a friend that has been there for you for the last 4 months.
We were so impressed with some of the options but here are some of the highlights.

Our first winner is Kirk Kenny, nominated by Dane Windley. After seeing Dane’s post about how he’d become homeless after losing his job due to Covid, Kirk reached out and invited him ’round for a roast dinner with craft beers, and provided a topped up Myki Card- what a lovely gesture! We’re also happy to hear Dane is back on track and doing well.

The 2nd winner is Lucy Garcia, who was nominated by Alejandra Ángeles for all the help she has given to the international students by donating supermarket vouchers and delivering fresh fruit and vegetables- awesome!

Alejandra Ángeles

Alejandra Ángeles nominated her hero of lockdown

Last but not least is our 3rd winner Vedran Sabic, who was nominated by Sean D. G. Singh. In Sean’s words ‘Vedran quite literally never stops being in good humour. He’s so well-versed and aware of mental and physical wellness tactics that he always has a great – and non-judgemental – support angle.’ Sounds like we all need a bit of Vedran’s positivity in our life!
The winners all recieved a $100  Providoor voucher which can be used for a fancy delivered meal. Also our friends at Fixation Brewing have kindly offered to shout Sean, Dane and Alejandra a 6 pack to say thanks for getting involved.